Learn Relaxation Techniques

Meditation, mindfulness and relaxation are very popular at the moment. You hear much in every type of media: classes, groups, retreats, apps on your phone and courses offered both in Christchurch and online.

I can understand how they are so popular as you can gain major health benefits, physically, emotionally and mentally. I, myself, have been doing meditation for over two years and at this time I’m celebrating the best blood test results done by my doctor, best of my life! That’s generally contraindicated as we age, as chronic health problems tend to increase when we are older.

My thoughts are that the various types of mindfulness that are of such great benefit should not be hard.

Breathing techniques and mindfulness practice shouldn’t be hard to learn and breathing methods that are both calming and increase your energy need to be simple and easy to fit into your day.

This ease of fitting another activity into your busy lifestyle is what you will get from my one-on-one tuition sessions. I have been teaching my clients for over 14 years to relax, to think and be positive. It begins with you, where you are, what you want to achieve and also how much time, energy and money you want to expend.

There is an oft-quoted saying about meditation:

If you are too busy to do meditation – you are the person that needs meditation the most!

As you are reading this page you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed, or are just wanting to get the extra concentration and calmness that comes from regular meditation.

You are very welcome to sign up for my online course Positively Relax. It’s a great course with brief easy techniques that show results quickly!

However some of us do better with one-to-one tuition, where you can ask questions and perfect your technique with the help of an experience practitioner, as relaxation is a practical subject.

Sessions with Jean may be what you’re looking for

You’ll learn techniques to relax; Jean will show / demonstrate / lead you through calming, restive, restorative breathing and focus techniques for you to learn, take home and use regularly to benefit your daily life.

Before we meet, you might like to start to think about why you need to de-stress. Why do you need relaxation techniques and what areas of your life are being impacted?

To make changes in your life, how you move through the day, how you think and how you interact with other people, you need to think about how you are now. Can you relate to some of the statements below?

  • I’m feeling overwhelmed
  • Give me one more thing and I won’t be able to cope
  • My busy mind keeps me awake at night
  • I have constant endless thoughts that I cannot stop
  • I’m never satisfied with myself
  • Other people, friends, family and workmates irritate and annoy me
  • I’m worried about getting old

Now for the lovely stuff – how would you like to feel and how would you like to be in the future?

  • Able to say no
  • Feel stress-resistant
  • Value yourself and what you do for others
  • Accept help and advice, especially if is going to benefit you
  • Find your positive voice that crowds out your negative voice (that will then be silenced)
  • Give out positive thoughts and energy
  • Have a genuine smile

There are many, many more good things that you will find, unique to you.

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