Emotional Pain Relief

Emotional pain and traumatic events can be difficult to discuss, even with a professional counsellor.  Many people find opening up about personal matters stressful or intimidating.

If you are experiencing emotional pain or trauma and feel reluctant to approach a counsellor, it might be time to try something new. Jean Jordan aims to address your pain and the effect it has on your overall wellbeing using kinesiology.

Kinesiology is an holistic therapy and can be used to treat emotional pain in a very unique way.  By using kinesiology, past and present emotions can be released from the body, while the mind develops a different perspective.  

Counselling with kinesiology is effective as it creates a safe and comforting distance between you and your issues.  Unlike counselling or psychotherapy, there is no need to talk about painful experiences, personal issues or emotions, so treatment sessions are free of any anxiety, embarrassment or distress.

The amazing tool of ‘muscle checking’ that is the foundation of kinesiology can identify subconscious or forgotten thoughts, emotions or occasions and offer you the opportunity to release past baggage.

This illustrates Jean, working with a client to find the emotion that needs to be cleared, from the list of emotions on the five element chart on the wall.

The emotion is identified by a response from Phillippa’s arm, which will “unlock” or go down.

There are many methods (or corrections) used to clear the emotion.
 Methods of release can include breathing, holding specific points, or gentle touch or movement to clear the left luggage locker in your mind, body or spirit.

Here we are illustrating Emotional Stress Release where Phillippa is relaxing, with her focus on her breathing, while Jean is holding two calming points on her forehead.

If you are experiencing ongoing emotional pain, it may be time to contact Jean and experience holistic, non-invasive kinesiology treatment.  

Jean’s “counselling without talking” treatment is hands-on, gentle and stress-free. 

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