Brain Gym

Brain Gym® is the name give to a group of specifically designed movements that make noticeable changes in the transmission of messages around the brain and body.

Most people notice that challenging tasks become “easy” and there is a sense of relaxation. A lowering of intensity together with the ability to complete tasks that you previously avoided like the plague (writing the thank you letter for that present, getting that new assignment started, managing those challenging staff, chasing children around the house who refuse to do their homework…)

It is well known that exercise is good for us and keeps our bodies healthy – Brain Gym® movements keep our body and brain healthy.


Here’s Charlie switching on his brain by doing PACE – a great activity to start the day!

Music by Tessarose Productions, New Zealand

His PACE is slow, easy for you to follow what he does and start the morning off by getting yourself switched on and yourself ready for the day ahead and whatever it brings.

P for being POSITIVE
A for getting ACTIVE
C for CLARITY of thinking

Thinking Caps

Here’s a useful tip for those of you who get a stiff neck or feel restricted turning your head.

Step 1
Turn your head slowly from side to side and notice how it feels: sore, stiff, tight, relaxed? Notice how far your head turns. Also listen to your surroundings.

Step 2
Take the outside edge of your ear between your finger and thumb and gently unroll and massage all around the edge of your ear. Do this gently 4-6 times. Repeat for the other ear.

Step 3
Repeat step 1 and notice how freely you can move your head. Does your neck feel relaxed, and can you turn further? Some people notice improved clarity of hearing as well.

Doing this two minute Brain Gym® activity can really help with neck and shoulder pain. Great if you’ve been sitting at a computer or driving your car for too long!

Maxine’s experience with Brain Gym®

Maxine came to one of Jean’s Brain Gym® courses and had a great time! Here she talks about her experience with Brain Grm® and its potential to activate and energise mind and body alike.


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