Put Relaxing “Me-Time” Into Your Day

When Jean started to run yoga classes, she had a very interesting reaction from the people coming to her class.

They weren’t raving about her asanas (yoga postures) or her tuition or explanations; it was the relaxation session at the end of each class that they loved.

They enjoyed the opportunity to lie on the floor and just relax, doing nothing and listening to no-one. Just space to be with oneself, breathing slowly and letting go of stress and the daily build-up of emotions that occurs from our reactions to the world around us.

As this relaxation was so enjoyable, Jean decided to offer you your own, individual relaxation session: “Me-Time”.

  • You’ll lie on a comfortable massage bed, fully clothed.
  • Jean will provide calming energy therapy such as crystals, shells or colour therapy with pure silk scarves, whichever is appropriate for you.

If you wish, ask for a Bach Flower phial made up for how you are feeling at the time of your appointment, adding to your emotional wellbeing.

Some ways that Bach Flower essence can help

  • Know your own mind
  • Stand your Ground
  • Face your Fears
  • Live & Let Live
  • Reach Out to Others
  • Live the Day
  • Find Joy & Hope
  • Rescue Remedy

Used and trusted worldwide for more than 70 years.

Recognizing exactly how you feel is the key to choosing the right remedy or selection of remedies for you. We are all challenged by our emotions from time to time. Bach Flower Remedies help us manage the emotional demands of everyday life.

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