Relief of Persistent Physical Pain

Your muscles in your body can get distorted, pulling bones and joints out of place, by tension. Tension in your muscles is often the cause of aches, pain and an unbalanced look to your body – unusual movement when walking or bending down.

If you have long-term pain, it may affect your posture. However there can be a cycle of having poor posture that is the reason for developing persistent pain, without any tissue damage. This can be very confusing as doctors say there is nothing wrong.

Some of you, especially guys, may go to the gym and put a lot of work into getting those “rock hard muscles”. I deal with pain due to “rock hard” muscles every day. Ordinary people are walking around with muscles that are totally switched on, rock hard, that never switch off, let go or relax. This constant tension can cause pain and permanent misalignment, if it continues.

It should not hurt!

After gentle treatment on Clare’s back, her rock hard muscles melted into relaxed, supple muscles ready to respond to movement. She commented, “That was so much easier than taking off my clothes, having my body pummelled to release knots and having to do the whole thing again the following week!”

When we have treatment with pain medications we accept there may be side effects, which we tolerate because of the relief we get. But should hands-on body work and exercises leave you feeling in more pain, bruised and sore the next day?

At Jean Therapy, it’s more gain, less pain!

Muscle de-tensioning occurs when I gently use techniques your body needs to get the message through to release and let go. This release is a neurological progress; like shy small children I persuade the neurons (messengers of the nervous system) to talk and play happily together, so sending relax messages to your muscles and body.

Once muscles relax you feel the absence of tension, which is what muscles should feel like. You may find you walk differently, lighter; you notice your feet touching the ground; shoulders relax or posture may have changed. So begins the changes in your body that will start to reduce or eliminate your pain.


Meet Bruce

These videos, which Bruce has allowed me to use, demonstrate the problems people can have with their movement when pain has been around for a while.


Bruce had four consultations for the changes that you can see in his movement and to be without pain.

He had two goals during this time:

  • First: “I’m more flexible”
  • Second: “My lower body is moving as I want it to”

so his body knows the focus for kinesiology treatment. The goals are holistic goals rather that something like “fix my shoulder”, as the problem may not have its roots in the shoulder itself but another part of your body.

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