For many years businesses have provided workplaces with 15-minute chair massage, fully clothed where a therapist comes to your workplace.

If you choose to go to a clinic to have massage, usually the least amount of time is 30 minutes; you have to remove your clothes and the therapist uses oil.

Both these types of massage are growing in popularity and well researched. Massage is so beneficial, not only your physical health but also your mental health and these shorter appointments fit into our busy lifestyles.

Pain Whisperer Massage

Here at Jean Therapy there is a third option – Pain Whisperer Massage – for you to consider.

It needs 30 minutes of your time and you come to my place and lie down on a massage table fully clothed.

This is a type of muscle release – de-tensioning gentle treatment that is only available at Jean Therapy.

It should not hurt!

After gentle treatment on Clare’s back using Jean Therapy techniques, her rock hard muscles melted into relaxed, supple muscles ready to respond to movement. She commented, “That was so much easier than taking off my clothes, having my body pommelled to release knots and having to do the whole thing again the following week!”

When we have treatment with pain medications we accept there may be side effects, which we tolerate because of the relief we get.

However we don’t often question the side effects of physical therapy. Should hands-on bodywork and physiotherapy exercises leave you feeling more pain, bruised and sore the next day?

At Jean Therapy, it’s more gain, less pain!

Muscle de-tensioning occurs when I gently use techniques your body needs to get the message through to release and let go of tension within the muscle fibres. This release is a neurological process; like shy small children I persuade the neurons (messengers of the nervous system) to talk and play happily together, sending ‘relax’ messages to your muscles and body.

Once muscles relax you feel the absence of tension, which is what muscles should feel like. You may find you walk differently, feel lighter; you notice your feet touching the ground; shoulders relax or posture may have changed. So begins the changes in your body that will start to reduce or eliminate your pain.

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