Positively Relax

Learn How to Relax into a Positive Life

Do you have a Busy, Stressful Life?
I know I do!

There’s too much to do and not enough hours in the day or days in the week, and the years seem to be on steroids, passing so quickly! What, it’s Christmas again already?

What if you had a way to bring stress levels down?

What if you had a way to switch off your busy brain and switch on your concentration and focus?

Positively Relax is an online course by Jean Jordan that teaches you relaxation techniques. You can learn how to do easy meditation in your own home, at work or even when you go to bed!

To gain real change in your life this meditation course supports you for 6 months.


Why You Need Jean’s Breathing Techniques and Positive Thinking

  1. Find your positive side – discover ways to stop those constant negative thoughts and the ways you use to put yourself down. Jean will show you how to speak and think in a positive way.
  2. Stop stress making you sick! Unresolved, continual stress affects your body and mind – Jean can help you learn to be stress resistant and return to that calm, carefree person you used to be!
  3. Take time to take care of yourself! Sign up for some “Me Time!” Positively Relax will have a wide influence on health, as meditation and mindfulness can have an impact on a wide range of illnesses.
  4. Stop that feeling of constantly being overwhelmed and that you have nothing left to give. When you meditate you clear away the information overload that builds up every day, giving you a sense of calm, peace and balance that benefits both your emotional well-being and your health.
  5. Quickly and easily see change happen, even in the first week. Positively Relax gives you lifelong skills and techniques that only take minutes to learn.

Find your smile! Sign up for Positively Relax today!

Your investment: AUD $220

To gain real change in your life, this meditation course supports you for 6 months.

Why have people studied Jean’s online relaxation course?

  • “Because on my growing desire to create more peace in my life and to overcome my feeling of anxiety and stress.” – Yara
  • “I was keen to try anything that would reverse my negative thoughts and feelings.” – Cheryll
  • “Because I knew relaxation would improve my overall wellbeing.” – Gail
  • “To help understand how positive thinking affects our busy lives.” – Angie

Here’s what people have said about the Positively Relax course

  • “I was surprised at how easy it was and how brief the lessons were. It was much easier that I expected and yet I achieved good results.” – Sally
  • “All the lessons are easy, quick and make an amazing difference in a short time.”
  • “It was much easier that I expected and yet I achieved good results.”
  • “I didn’t realize the participants would be left with a whole set of exercises that can be used at anytime – that’s a bonus!” – Angie

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some of the audio recordings short?

Parts of the course are brief so that you can easily fit them into your day, often more than once.

Another reason is that you start working together with Jean, then she leaves you to practice on your own so you can quickly learn and remember mindful techniques.

This course is about you taking charge of your life and gaining lifelong ways to relax and be positive without needing Jean and without spending hours listening to visualizations or learning lots of theory. Just give Jean five to ten minutes each day to help you initially.

There are so many relaxation and meditation courses around, and apps I can download and listen to whenever I want – what makes your course so different?

Over the past 15 years Jean has developed and used breathing and mindfulness techniques through her work treating anxiety, stress and persistent pain as a kinesiologist, naturopath and yoga teacher. These techniques have enabled her clients to make amazing changes in their lives. Now she wants to spread calmness and positivity to as many people as possible, hence the Positively Relax course.

Why is the course so long? Other courses only last for a few weeks and cost less than yours?

The pilot course lasted for three months, with only a week to practice each idea or technique. Some people found that a week passed very quickly and life got in the way, with emergencies, work or family commitments cropping up, with the next lesson coming out before they’d found time to work on the previous one.

Jean doesn’t want any of you to miss out on this important course because of time constraints, or not be able to try a technique that may turn out to be your favourite that forms the major part of your relaxation or positive thinking. So to take the pressure off, you will receive a lesson every two weeks, and have two weeks to practice.

Course Content

Lessons Status



Lesson 1 – Mindful Breaths


Lesson 2 – Counting Breaths


Lesson 3 – Ribcage Breathing


— Section 2 —


Lesson 4 – Tension and Pain Release


Lesson 5 – Blowing Bubbles


Lesson 6 – My Half Full Glass


Lesson 7 – Count & Release


Lesson 8 – Notice a Negative


Lesson 9 – Top Ribcage Breathing


Lesson 10 – Calming Points


— Section 3 —


Lesson 11 – Review and Practice


Lesson 12 – Moving Forward

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